Representative APR 1169.67% (Variable)

Representative Example : Borrow £100 for 30 days. The total charge for credit is £24.00. Total amount repayable is £124.00.

Fixed interest rate of 292% per year.

Text Loans No Brokers Fee

Text loans are providing viable solutions for urgent and unpredictable cash needs of small amount like £100 to £1000 till next payday. If any expense that cannot be managed with the current month's savings and can be easily accommodated in next month's earnings then text loans provide the best alternative. Text loans are actually short term loans for say 7 to 30 days and are to be repaid from coming salary. These loans bear higher interest rate but because loan term is very small so impact on pocket is not too much.

If you are also needed such type of finance for temporary cash solution then we at TextLoansNoFees can help you in finding text loans from direct lenders. Just fill out the attached form and match your cash need with our associated popular lenders all across the UK. As this website's name indicates we do not charge any brokers fee or upfront charges for our loan matching services, this will help you to avoid unnecessary additional burden of cash.

Payday Loans via Mobile

these short terms mini loans are very popular in UK because they can be searched and applied through websites online. This gives freedom to those borrowers who works in shifts and unable to go to lender's store in person. Anytime from anywhere is best part of text loan search. Now any website can be access form your mobile also, this gives another flexibility and ease for applying payday loans.

Who eligible for text loans Any UK citizen whose age is above 18 have a bank account and is in regular employment for last 90 days is eligible for text loans.

About TextLoansNoFees:

We are not a lender or a credit broker but with the help of this website Text Loans No Fees we offer text loans matching service to loan seekers with our associated lenders in UK. This website work to make a bridge between borrowers and lenders. Our loan search service is totally free of cost and we do not charge any fees or brokers charges from our users. As you submit your details in our website simply we forward it to our associated 40+ lenders who verify your given details. If any lender out of panel is satisfy with your loan affordability and decide to consider your application for text loan then he will contact you via email or mobile SMS. If required, lender may ask more details or perform credit check on you. Now if lender approves your loan then money will be directly transferred to your given bank account. Normally money is credited in next working day of loan approval but it depends on your bank's working also. After taking loan if you want to cancel it with in cooling off period then please contact to your lender. Also if you feel inability in loan repayment on scheduled date then inform your lender in first call.

Who should avoid text loans?

If anyone who is unable to save money from his monthly wedges then he should think twice before applying for text loans. Because text loans are to be repaid on next payday so if you do not have enough cash apart from your monthly expenses then how you repay text loan amount? Once you become defaulter of text loan it may trap you in multiple types of troubles like you may be cash penalized by the lender and simultaneously he may refer your case to credit score agency in turn they may put your name in bad creditors. So it is always advisable that before going for text loans, be assured that you will manage to repay this loan in next payday otherwise in order to solve small cash need you may fence in big debt cycle.

Implications of non-payment

Although these conditions are mentioned in loan deed between you and your lender but for your ready reference here are a few:

1. For timely non repayment of loan you may be charged a penalty by the lender.

2. Lender may refer your case to credit score agency and your credit rating may affected adversely. This may cost you very much for future's loans. The lender may reject your application because of bad credit or may charge higher interest rate.

3. Lender may charge additional interest rate for non-payment of loan.

4. If lender uses third party services to recover loan from you, he may charge you for that also.

5. If lender seeks for legal options like CCJ against you as per loan agreement the reasonable expanses are to be paid by you.

So for any reasons if you are not in positions to repay your loan on date contact your lender immediately. Lender may reschedule your loan repayment date and you may able to avoid some of above losses.

Text loan is big hope for salaried groups whose life is full of ups and downs but monthly wedges are fixed. Many times situation may come when unforeseen and out of monthly budget expenses like car breakdown, medical bill or increased electricity bill which is to be paid urgently and pocket is out of cash. In this type of situations where payday is few days away and that day will have excess money to repay loan then text loans provide great relief. As borrowing and repayment process of text loan is fully automated so all the time these loans come forward as hassle free cash solutions.

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to:
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