APR Representative: Representative 1169.67% APR
Representative Example: Borrow £100 for 30 days. The total charge for credit is £24.00. Total amount repayable is £124.00. Fixed interest rate of 292.25% per year. 1169.67% APR Representative.
Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to: moneyadviceservice.co.uk

Text Loans Direct Lenders

Any intelligent financial planning cannot give you a guaranty for smooth and happy cash flow till next payday. Morning you are ready for work and see the auto is not starting, needs urgent and unexpected money for repair.

Now how to manage this out of planning expense? Every person in UK is not so lucky to have sufficient balance in bank account all the time.

Then what next? Yes you have to apply for a loan.

Now loan lender search is also a big deal. Brokers or middle man in payday market may raise your loan cost. Text loans with direct lenders will certainly save your time of loan processing as well as unnecessary burden of upfront fees.

Text loans For Bad Credit

Loans for bad credit are major hurdle in loan approvals by the lender. Many lenders in UK are not interested in funding for this category of people. Low income groups are most affected by the adverse credit score at the same time this group required additional cash most often.

But don’t worry still there are some lenders who are ready to welcome loan applications from all types of credit rating borrowers. But your bad credit history may impact adversely your loan amount, because for small amount say of 100 pounds lender may ignore credit check. But for higher sum they may perform credit check to ensure your loan affordability. Credit check process is not time consuming because your credit score is available on credit score agencies website 24/7. So you should not worry about delay due to credit check.

Text Loans Instant Approvals

Due to advancement of technology and lenders tailor made loan proposals, instant loandecision is possible. As you submit form with required data in lender’s website their automated system will indicate you about fate of your application. Lender will contact you via SMS or email to get more details, after satisfaction they may fund you by direct credit in your given bank account. Once you receive money you will be free to use as you wish.

Text Loans Repayments

Total repayable amount on due date will be principal plus interest. This amount will be directly debited from your bank account on due date. So you should keep sufficient balance on that date otherwise you may become loan defaulter and face the following consequences. Lender may impose cash penalty and or refer four details to credit score agency for adverse entry.

Text Loans Fast payouts

For faster payment you should have bank account with the bank which has online cash transfer facilities.

If you have applied on bank’s working day before 3PM them there are good chances that you will get fund on the same day otherwise it will be credited on next working day.

As you know text loans are short term high interest credits so you should keep loan amount as low as possible to avoid unnecessary expenses on interest.

Role of Credit Ratings in text loans

Credit rating plays vital role in all type of funding, this shows your past loans and their repayments. If your credit rating is good then also you should check it from time to time by going to credit agencies portal which is available 24/7 free of cost. Timely information will give you a chance to rectify it if there is some error or time to improve it if it is bad.

Legal protection in borrowing

FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) in UK has capped the upper interest rates and penalty charged by the lenders. No lender can charge interest more than 0.8% per day means pa fixed rate as 292%.

To control lending in UK FCA has given registration number to each direct lender and only registered lender can operate in payday market.

Responsible lending policy

As responsible lending policy every lender have to go for a affordability check of borrower before the loan approvals so text loans direct lender no credit check is not valid now. Every lender should perform credit check to evaluate borrower’s loan eligibility.

How to overcome bad credits

For payday loans you can apply even with a poor credit history if you have present financial status to repay it of course you have to show proof regarding this. Your salary slip and bank statement can supersede your bad credit history for loan approvals.

Now a day’s most of the lenders websites are mobile friendly so you can search and apply for the loan with your mobile phone also.

While searching the direct lenders you should cross check direct lenders identity by going through financial services register of FCA.

Text loans also known as payday loans are short term loans which are suitable for small credits say up to 500 pounds, till next payday.

Text Loans Process

Application process of text loan is very fast and state forward. First you have to fill form by giving your few details as name, employment, purpose of loan, salary and loan amount. By going through these details, lender will give his signal for further action. If he is willing to fund you then may ask few more details otherwise he will say sorry. For loan approved cases in many cases fund is transferred in the same day of application.

About us

We at textloansnofees.co.uk provide you an online direct lender search platform without charging any fees at our end. We are not a broker or direct lender and have no role in loan approvals. We are working with 40+ popular lenders of UK which are registered with FCA in UK. With our website you can get connected to many direct lenders in one search. If any lender is ready to offer you loan then you should clear all of your doubts is any before accepting their terms. For any advise, clarification you should contact to your lender only. If any times you feel inability in timely repayment of loan then contact your lender immediately, he may find the ways out. For any advice for improvement of this website your suggestions are always welcome.

We will suggest you to read carefully about all terms and conditions of the lender before signing the deal.

For latest information about text loans, payday loans or 12 month loans please visit Text Loans 1000

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Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to: www.moneyadviceservice.co.uk

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