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Avail high sum now – pay via small installments later

The beauty of 12 month loans is to get high value fund at need and pay it in smaller installments as per your capacity. For low monthly income groups this is like a life saving drug in financial emergency. The main problem with poor earning people they cannot afford big loan installments particularly when they require big pounds. Here at 12 Month Loans Online you can search for large sum like 1000 pounds and repay in 3,6,9 or 12 monthly installments.

What will be charges?

As you know these short term loans are unsecured loans and higher interest rates are payable so at time of choosing installments you should also consider this increasing burden with time. FCA has fixed 0.8% interest rate per day for 100 pounds that is equal to 24 pound for 30 days.

How to calculate interest rates

Now online portals are providing slider calculator for your ready reference. You pick required amount and slide for varying term it will show you the total payable amount with installments.

Guarantor or no Guarantor?

For these type of loans guarantors are not required if you have average plus credit ratings. For poor or very low credit scores if you can produce a guarantor for your loan it will help in rising of loan approval chance as well as cheaper interest rates.

How credit rating will impact?

Nowadays Credit ratings are very valuable asset for our day to day life. From renting a house, getting a job, holding a mobile phone, applying for gas connection or even applying for unsecured loans this rating will play a vital role. As your rating is available 24/7 online so this can be checked any point of time for judging your financial status.

How to protect our credit score?

For protection of credit ratings you should always careful in financial transactions. For example if you forgot to repay your credit card payment it can also add adverse points in your credit score. From time to time you should check credit scores with credit score agencies which are available online and free of charges.

When to go for these loans?

These loans are meant for rarest of rare situations when you have no other option to solve your cash crunch. As these loans are very costly and if you fail to repay on time will increase your problems many folds. Lender may charge late fees or refer your name to debt collector and they may charge more and more. This may end in a spiral loan trap.

Help in adverse situations

Now many government organizations like FCA, money control or citizen advice services are there to help you in bad weather but you should keep yourself fit for situations by educating yourself.

Are loan advertisement are correct?

Many honey coated advertiser will tell you to get ‘12 month loans for bad credit’ or even they can say ‘apply for no credit check loans’ but always cross verify with direct lender and understand terms and conditions which are written in small print.

How to pick loan amount?

Loan amount can be anything from 100 pounds to 1000 pounds. You can go for 200 pounds for 3 months, 500 pounds for 6 month, 600 pounds for 12 month like that. The amount here not shown like 300, 400, 700,800 or 900 can also be applied for any term of one month to 12 month.

Cautions before deal sign

Apply and compare many online websites and direct lenders free of charge before finalizing the deal. It will help you in getting cheap and secure loan. If you want to avoid referral callback from brokers please do not share your mobile number you can opt email for loan quotes.